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YaoHat, one of the best Chinese hat manufacturers, has been running a custom hat manufacturing business since 1996. This hat manufacturing company is specializing in the production and export of costume beanies, fedora hats, straw hats, cowboy hats, bucket hats, snapback hats, baseball caps, golf hats, racing caps, fashion top hats, etc. 

YaoHat China hat manufacturer has more than 100 different raw materials suppliers all over China, of which over 10 of them have BSCI and Walmart audits. Every kind of capacity could give customers more choices.

The clients of YaoHat private label hat manufacturer spread all over the world, most of them are from the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, France, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, and so on.



YaoHat hat manufacturer offers one-stop headwear OEM solution with professional follow-ups and fluent communication.


YaoHat is a certificated private label hat manufacturer with 17+ yrs of experience.


You can wholesale hats with custom design, color, material, logo, and private label from YaoHat wholesale hat manufacturer.


YaoHat headwear manufacturer provide custom hats manufacturing services for worldwide customers. We start hats production according to clients’ designs and requirements. In the past 18 years, YaoHat custom hat manufacturer has made various kinds of hat, such as knit beanie, baseball cap, cowboy hat, top hat, fedora hat, straw hat, and steampunk hat. You can wholesale hats in bulk to save more. The minimum order quantity is 800 PCS. Please contact YaoHat hat manufacturer if you need more hat types.

Why choose Yaohat China Hat Manufacturer?

Factory Direct Prices

YaoHat private label hat manufacturer has its own hat factory in China. YaoHat custom hat manufacturer can provide the most affordable factory direct price to clients, which will help you save more money and gain competitive advantages.

Various Hat Types

YaoHat custom hat manufacturer offers exclusive and incomparable possibilities regarding baseball cap, beanie, snapback hats, dad hats, trucker cap, bucket hat, fedora, and other hat styles on your request.


To meet more company’s needs, the Minimum Order Quantity we support is 800 pcs per style/colorway/design. Feel free to contact the YaoHat hat manufacturer if you have other needs and questions.

Individual Solutions

YaoHat China headwear manufacturer provides one-stop custom hats manufacturing service. You can wholesale hats with your custom design, your brand, your logo & private label, and your personalized packaging methods.

Quality Guarantee

YaoHat custom logo hat manufacturer will never drop the headwear quality or replace components with the cheaper alternative to save on costs. YaoHat wholesale hats supplier is more concerned about the quality and long-term cooperation with customers.

Fast Production Periods

YaoHat China hat manufacturer is committed to achieving faster prototype and production completion. Our production lead time is 35-45 days after confirming the pre-production sample.

What are the most popular materials for making hats? Let‘s Yao Chinese hat manufacturer tell you now! 

  • Linen

Linen fabric is gotten from the flax plant, and It possesses similar attributes as cotton. The linen hat is soft, breathable, and highly absorbent.

  • Wool Felt

The hats made out of wool felt has a little better shape and feel. They are more durable and more serviceable.

  • Nylon

Both Nylon and polyester come from plastic. Nylon hats allow air to flow in between the fibers, making them breathable. They are also cheap, and maintenance is not a problem

  • Wool

When talking about woolen caps, most people instinctively consider beanies and other variations. Wool can be used in making diverse hat styles. Most of the classic caps are either partially or completely wool-based. Wool is very comfortable, and it produces little skin irritation.

Hat manufacturers usually produce winter hats with wool or cashmere because wool hats have excellent heat retention properties.

  • Buckram

Hat makers make hat brims out of buckram. During the process, the fabric is placed in a sizing agent such as glue or pyroxylin and then left to dry. It is stiff enough to hold the hat properly. Apart from this, best hat manufacturers make use of wood in strengthening hat brims. Horsehair is used in making buckram, but nowadays, they use cotton.

  • Polyester

It is an artificial material made when plastic is recycled. Hat manufacturers list polyester as a popular hat-making material due to its malleability.

Polyester is cheap and provides a high level of durability. Hats made from polyester are so good at absorbing the moisture that it provides the wearer no form of discomfort.

  • Cotton

Organic Cotton is a hypoallergenic material. It is plush, and it causes no form of skin inflammation. It is also a good absorbent material. hats made with cotton possess excellent moisture-controlling properties. Top hat manufacturers use both cotton and other synthetic fibers like polyester to increase the overall strength of the cap.

  • Straw

Straw is an agricultural product gotten from the dry stalk of plants. Hat manufacturers employ different types of straws in making hats. These straws differ from one another in strength, color, fineness, and overall durability. Straws like tequila palm and raffia are common examples. Packable caps are made with raffia, while Panama caps are made with tequila palm.

Top hat manufacturers will select the straws they use by hand to ensures the straws picked are of similar color, pattern, and texture.

  • Plastic

Some hat manufacturers also produce plastic hats since they are easy to clean and take care of.

  • Paper

They falter when exposed to wet conditions. Wholesale hat manufacturers weave paper together to create strong fibers, and the entire process is relatively cheap.

YaoHat China hat manfuacturer will list the common terms of hats below.

  • Stingy Brim

The term stingy brim is used to describe a significantly smaller or shorter hat brim. Hats with brims between 1 to 2 inches in size are said to have stingy brims. Most hat designs have incorporated the stingy brim into their styles.

  • UPF

UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor. Note that several key factors determine if your hat will protect you against harmful ultraviolet radiation. Things like the color, weight, weave, wetness, and stretch looked at to determine the UPF. Most fabrics are treated with protection before the other factors are key in determining the UPF rating.

A UPF rating between 15-24 is good, 25-39 is very good, and 40-50+ is excellent.

  • Packable

A hat that carries a packable or crushable tag indicates that it is not that fragile that a certain level of action would permanently damage it. Most people think that when a hat comes with a packable tag, they can fold or crush it, and it would spring back up when they want to use it. This is simply false, and all hats must be treated with a certain level of care. Semi-rigid hats with stiff crowns and brims would need steam to restore them to their original form, while softer hats like the boonie and bucket hats do not.

  • Shapeable

The shapeable tag attached to hats indicates that the hat makers have replaced the plastic wires in the brims with metallic wires. Metallic wires allow you to adjust the shape of the brim to fit your style.

  • Make sure your Minimum Order Quantity is 800 PCS
  • Prepare a list of requirements for your custom hat orders (hat material, design, private label, logo, packaging, delivery time, etc.)
  • Contact YaoHat hat manufacturer and tell us your demands and requirements.
  • YaoHat custom hat manufacturer will make your hat samples and send them to you for approval.
  • Our hat factory will start bulk production after the hat sample is approved.
  • YaoHat wholesale hat manufacturer will private label hats with your own business brand, using hat labels or hang-tags.
  • Yaohat China hat manufacturer will ship your hat orders via the shipping methods you choose.

In the past 18 years, YaoHat China hat manufacturer has served various kinds of customers, they are:

  • Headwear Company, such as new era, yupoong, OTTO, The hundreds, and so on.
  • Clothes Company, Sports accessories company, and so on.
  • All kinds of the company who need promotion items, such as FMC, Budweiser, and so on.
  • School, organization, companies who need uniforms.
  • Sports team

Our Hat Factory in China

YaoHat hat manufacturer has a modern hat factory in China, which is equipped with the most advanced hat manufacturing machines and fabric test equipment. What’s more, YaoHat China hat manufacturer has a group of highly qualified professionals that can provide truly valuable Custom Headwear Services to our clients.

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