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YaoHat baseball cap manufacturer is dedicated to manufacturing custom baseball caps for global clients. Over the past 18 years, YaoHat baseball cap manufacturer has been providing excellent customization solutions, from the draft, design, sampling, production to delivery.

  • Min Order Quantity: 800 PCS
  • Custom Options: Custom logo, design, size, material, color, packaging method, private label, custom embroidery pattern, sweatband, etc.
  • Custom Sizes: 55 cm, 56cm, 57 cm ,58 cm, 59cm , 60cm, etc.
  • Custom Baseball Cap Material Fabric: organic cotton, acrylic, wool and acrylic bend, soft comfortable mesh, ladder cloth, etc.
  • Custom closure types: Plastic snap, Adjustable hook/loop tape/Velcro, Metal buckle closure, Adjustable fabric tuck strap with slide closure, D-Fit closure, Nylon strap with plastic buckle closure.
  • Main baseball cap styles: blank baseball caps, embroidered baseball caps, bling baseball caps, ponytail baseball cap, vintage distressed baseball cap, straw baseball cap, denim baseball cap, children/adult baseball cap, backless baseball cap, plain baseball cap, etc.

> Custom Baseball Hat Cases

> Available Custom Baseball Cap Embellishment Options

3D Embroidery Baseball Cap
3D Embroidery
Felt Patch Baseball Cap
Felt Patch
Leather Patch Baseball CAP
Leather Patch
Metal Logo
Print logo baseball cap
Logo Printed
PVC patch HAT
PVC Patch

> Available Closure Types

Plastic Snap
Leather Patch
Leather and metal
Leather and Metal
metal buckle
Metal Buckle
elastic strap
Elastic Strap
NOT Adjustable baseball cap
Fitted Style

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> Our Baseball Cap Package & Delivery

our packaging
our baseball cap package 2
our baseball cap package
our baseball cap package

YaoHat baseball cap manufacturer offers four types of baseball hat profile options:

  • Structured – standard high crown profile
  • Mid crown profile
  • Mid to Low crown profile
  • Unstructured – low crown profile.

  • Contact YaoHat baseball cap manufacturer and clarify your needs and wants of baseball caps.
  • YaoHat baseball cap manufacturer will make the baseball cap sample and send it to you for sample approval.
  • Make the deposit
  • YaoHat baseball cap manufacturer will start the bulk production after your bulk order.
  • Delivery your custom baseball caps by DHL/FEDEX/EMS/Sea/Air.

Do you want to know how baseball caps are made in a baseball cap factory? ok, let’s find the answer! 

Step 1) The layers of fabrics such as cotton, wool, and cotton-synthetic mix are cut. The quantity of fabrics depends on the company as well as the style of a basketball cap. Many fabric layers are laid on top of each other carefully and then are cut smoothly at once by using a high-quality fabric-cutting saw.

Step 2) Some of the cap designs usually needed mesh inner-layer backside of the two front panels. Mesh inner-layer acts as the stiffener in the panels that work better for the requirement of Stitching of an embroidered logo. The inner mesh is again put back of the front panels before they are sewn against one another.

Step 3) The sections of a soft crown are then sent to the eyelet department. The soft crown is in long triangular shaped gores. In the eyelet department, the machine penetrates each front panel that creates a small hole and binds the hole with the help of thread completely. The eyelets in every section of the crown may change according to the requirement of manufacture. The range of eyelets may start from at least one to forty or fifty in total for each section. The eyelets then serve as the vents that enable the release of heat and perspiration that are made under the cap via eyelets.

Step 4) The 2-front panels received embroidery and further send into the embroidery department. With the help of a computer-driven machine, embroiders embroided a logo or maybe an entire word into front panels. Most of the company reveals that the logo designed on caps are very precise and complex. To design a logo 8000 t0 31,000 stitches are required. Other companies also apply various fabric letters and applied insignia to a front panel.

Step 5) The 6-8 panels of the crown are sent toward the sewing department. In the sewing department, these panels are stitched together. With logo and stiffening, the wool panels may be heavier to sew and required human skills in order to sew them. The soft crown is completed when all of 6 or 8 panels are sewed altogether. The hat that is without a visor is generally known as a beanie.

A basketball cap is a soft hat that comprises of soft cloth crown embroidered with many fabric sections. The visor is used to protect eyes from harmful sunrays and the plastic extender present in the center back and help in adjusting the size of a cap.

Step 6) These caps are then sent to the binding department or binders. In the binding department, raw seams of a soft crown are properly covered with the binding tape that is applied on the raw crown edges. The tape provides the basketball cap a finished look and also ensuring about unravel of seams because of perspiration, washing, and hard wear. The finished look offers no raw edges inside the cap.

Step 7) A galvanized steel button is covered over the same color and applied at the center of the cap on the top surface of the beanie crown at a certain place where all of the cap sections converge.

Step 8) Visor of the cap is die-cut according to the size desired by you. The visors are then sewn onto the cap. There are some companies that made the visor of 2-pieces with the help of stiffer like plastic in a center. Some put stiffener inside and then stitch the visor a few times to provide better strength. This method also prevents the stiffener from further moving and bunch up in a spot. The proper visor color and cap are then matched up together and sewn. Some ballplayers usually curl or roll the visors so that they are easily searching for the grounder and fly ball. The rolled visor keeps the light out from the eyes of the players. Some companies also experiment with many materials into a visor and test to get a better telescope effect.

Step 9) The companies who offer 1-size fits all hat will always focus to sew the adjustable band made from plastic in the backside of the cap. Other companies may make the hats according to the size of the head and will sew the front side of the cap. They will change the breadth and size of the sections of the back cap and in accordance with the size required by the customers.

Step 10) The sweatband is sewn inside the cap. It is usually done with the help of industrial-grade sewing machines. It also consists of placing a thick and stiff mesh fabric such as buckram back of the sweatband like soft leather and inexpensive cotton. The label may also be added as well and maybe sewn when required.

Step 11) There are some companies that add various steps for ensuring the supreme product. For instance, one company may block or steams the sewn, finished product in order to set the shape. They also claimed that it gives a great, attractive, and long-lasting fit. There are few companies that added a step where they can stitch various edges so that the fabric never rolls back and also appear unsightly.

Step 12) The basketball cap is now ready to shipped and stored as required.

There are many baseball cap manufacturers in the world, Why choose Yaohat baseball cap manufacturer?

Right, here are the reasons to choose Yaohat top baseball cap manufacturer:

  • Private label baseball caps & Custom baseball caps wholesale: You can wholesale baseball caps that we display on our site with your own company logo or private label. What’s more, if you need personalized baseball cap manufacturing service, our company also accepts!
  • Most competitive factory direct price.
  • Rich experience: Yaohat wholesale baseball cap manufacturer China has been focusing on custom hats manufacturing since 2003. Our customers come from all over the world including the USA, Canada, Japan, India, UK, Australia, Italy, and so on.
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YaoHat baseball cap manufacturer provides more custom options for global wholesalers, companies, and organizations, such as paper tags, inside lines print, closer with label, and inside wave label.