Bulk Christmas Hats Wholesale

Christma hat is one of the most popular headwear types in the world since it is a necessity for Christmas. You can wholesale Christmas hats listed below or request a custom order.

  • Min Order Quantity: 800 PCS
  • OEM/ODM available: Custom design, color, material, size, logo, private label, packaging.
  • Affordable factory direct price.

The Christmas hat is red and white associated with Santa Claus and has a white bubble on the top. It is a necessary Christmas item just like the Christmas tree and Christmas stocking. 

Christmas hat serves as the leading character on the carnival night, people will get more gifts the next day in the hat when they wear it at night. We will see different kinds of red hats everywhere, some with glittering gold or with Shiny tips during Christmas. Also, the styles of Christmas hats are becoming more and more divergent with time. Common Christmas hat types: beanie Christmas hat, Christmas hat with ear flaps, elf Christmas hat with ears, Christmas tree cap, and so on.

  • Cotton

Cotton is the most comfortable fabric, which is very soft and fluffy. It is the organic material that means that it does not contain any synthetic compound. As we all know, we get cotton from cotton plants; it is derived from the fibres which surround the seeds of cotton plants. 

  • Polyester

Polyester is a synthetic fibre that is sometimes mixed with natural fibres to fabricate a blended form. Polyester is also combined with cotton material which will be tear-resistant and wrinkle resistant. This blend is better than the plant-derived fibres as they also have environmental resistance. 

Yao hat manufacturer offers custom Christma hat manufacturing service. You can fully customize the materials when you need.

  • Snapback Santa hat

Snapback Santa hat is usually made of plush red velvet with a faux fur white trim and features an adjustable strap to ensure that perfect fit. A Snapback Santa hat makes the user looks just like a Santa.

  • Funny light-up Santa hat

A funny light-up hat is a good option for kids. These Christmas hats with many color options altering LED light are the best hats perfect for use on the stage for school performance.

  • Light Up Christmas Beanie Hats

Usually made of acrylic elastic fibers, Light-up knitted hats are super soft and comfortable to touch. The hat has a hidden switch inside the seam and we will see the attractive led light up by turning on the switch.

The double layered liner can keep people’s head warm and cozy, so this kind of Christma hat is suitable for wearing at indoor and outdoor.

  • Tree christmas hats

Christmas Tree hat comes complete with tinsel, pom-pom ornaments and is topped off with a sparkling star. This kind of Christmas hat can help people blend into the surroundings or hide behind a table to have games. They are the perfect holiday wear!

  • Others

Other popular Christma hats: Christmas hat with ear flaps, Christmas elf party hats, Christmas santa and elf pants hats, etc.

Feel free to tell us your needs or designs, yao Christma hat manufacturer will offer one-stop Christmas hat manufacturing process.