Custom Cowboy Hats Wholesale

YaoHat, a top cowboy hat manufacturer in China, provides premium cowboy hats to global wholesalers, distributors, companies, and chain stores. To help more customers promote their western hat business, YaoHat cowboy hat manufacturer provides one-stop custom cowboy hat manufacturing service. Every client can fully customize the cowboy hats and wholesale cowboy hats at affordable prices.
  • Min Order Quantity: 800 PCS
  • Available cowboy hat materials: Fur felt, straw, wool, Suede, leather
  • Available cowboy hat styles/shapes: the cattleman crease, the pinch front crease, the Montana/tom mix crease, telescope gambler crease, the open crown crease, etc.
  • Available cowboy hat types: custom embroidered cowboy hats, custom painted cowboy hats, custom logo cowboy hats, custom bling cowboy hats, etc.

How to make a cowboy hat?  Let’s YaoHat cowboy hat manufacturer tell you!

You will be surprised to know that making a cowboy hat is very difficult. Many methods are included while manufacturing, such as felt forming, knitting, sewing, weaving, and injection molding. 

1. Sewing

Sewing is the primary process of manufacturing cowboy hats. However, there are many processes used in the making of these ads, such as laying, scalping, cutting, sewing, ironing, and shaping, stitching and decoration, and at the end, finishing the product. 

Keep in mind that due to the variety of cowboy hats, shaping and ironing is different. For example, advancing hats and dome hats are made up of both chemical fiber and natural fiber.

To start the process, the fabrics are actually and put on the head of the helmet. Usually, cowboy hat manufacturers iron these hats with an electric iron to give a proper shape of the hat. So you will get the beautiful and elegant shape of the head. 

As we also discussed earlier, if we talk about a leather velvet cap, then the sewn cap is put on the helmet’s head. A flat in a tire is made by lining cotton wool, cloth, sizing, heating. The next step is to tune leather that is covered by nail flattening, heating, and drying.

Most surprisingly, you will get the head top’s proper shape with the head tire and leather surface. These all are combined and soon and then the manufacturers you the hat years, and finally, a cowboy hat is made. 

2. Felt tire molding

For the production of top hats, felt tire molding is used. In this process, the wool is carded, a tire made, bleached, and then died. After that, its ironing is done, and then the cowboy hat manufacturers press it into a shape with the corresponding headgear according to the particular style. 

3. Knitting

In the knitting process, cowboy hat manufacturers use a knitting machine to knit it into hat tubes and hat pieces; then, we will sew them and iron them. The knitting process is the same as the following process in the case of cowboy hats. 

4. Needles for knitting

Cowboy hat manufacturers mainly use crochet needles, bar needles, etc., for the handling of the cowboy hats. 

5. Injection

in the injection process, cowboy hat manufacturers inject the plastic into the cap mold. This is done with the help of an injection molding machine. Indeed we used the injection method to make the helmets etc. 

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