Wholesale Dad Hats

A dad hat is a kind of baseball cap that is made of canvas or cotton. It has a slightly curved brim but not as curved as the traditional baseball hat. YaoHat dad hat manufacturer provides one-stop custom dad hats manufacturing process and stock dad hats wholesale service. If you want to wholesale dad hats with good quality, the dad hats manufacturers you choose should have experienced workers and advanced production equipment. Our clients are all over the world. If you want to wholesale dad hats, YaoHat dad hat manufacturer can transport the bulk dad hats to any place. If your order quantity reaches our minimum order quantity, YaoHat dad hat supplier can provide you with an unexpected preferential price.

  • Min Order Quantity: 800 PCS
  • Custom Options: Custom company logo, material, design, size, package type, etc.
  • Competitive hat factory direct prices.

Dad hat is one of the most popular types of the baseball cap. The dad hat has six panels and is also unstructured. Moreover, it is a pre-curved cap with an adjustable closure. It is a very soft hat because it is made up of a soft, washed cotton blend. Amazingly, it is available in a variety of colours as well as having beautiful prints. 

Dad hats are becoming popular day by day and are a favorite headwear choice. They are of appropriate size and can be easily packed in the box or backpack. In this season, people who love dad hats are handy. They’re the sort who needs the sun out of their face, their hair out of their eyes.

  • Canvas

Canvas material is usually made up of linen fabric or thicker cotton. For the manufacturing of dad hats, a small amount of twill weave and the plain weave is used.

  • Cotton

Cotton is a breathable fabric and dad hats made of cotton can reduce and eliminate the possibility of rashes.

  • Polyester

Polyester is a good fabric to blend with other materials. Polyester dad hats are immensely strong and durable and can holds its shape after washing.

  • Wool

Wholesale dad hats made of wool tend to be warmer than synthetic (acrylic or fleece ) hats.

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  • The quality of dad hats is the most important, wholesale dad hats from Yaohats can get our high standards guarantee.
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