Different Types of Hats with Pictures (Hat Names Guide )

Different Types of Hats with Pictures (Hat Names Guide )

When you start a hat business, you need to learn about different types of hats for men and women and discover more hat styles that may promote your business.

Here are different types of hats with pictures, hope they can help you.

  • Top Hat

Z-12714 Leather Top Hat - Medieval Gentleman's Hat

This novelty is an item of immense exquisiteness to all hat lovers. The top hat has two distinguishing factors – a small brim and a large, occasionally curved crown. Other variants exist, but those two take the first position.

Top hats are the crown jewel of formal occasions as they show off both class and style.

  • Fitted Cap

fitted cap

They are the regular baseball style caps sewn to fit a particular head size. The measurement is of 1/8 augmentation. Fitted caps are mostly worn by the MLB.

  • Boonie Hat

Boonie Hat

During the Vietnam war, this cap saw a rise in its popularity status. Some people spell boonie as booney. The raw materials range from natural materials like cotton to synthetic fibers like polyester. The boonie hat is recognized by its wide brim, flat crown, chinstrap, and crown loops.

  • Pith Helmet

pith helmet

Regularly worn by the staff of the United States Postal Service, the helmet sports a unique design. The phrase pith originated from the helmet’s material. The helmet is made from tissue found in the stem of a vascular plant. Nowadays, materials like cork, paper, and even toyo are used in making pith helmets.

  • Ascot Cap

Ascot Cap

Ascot, ivy and flat caps all have a similar design. The ascot cap usually comes in solid colors. Wool or felt is used in making ascot caps. The ascot cap’s round crown is its distinctive feature. Although uncommon, but not entirely rare, straw ascot caps are also in existence.

  • Peruvian Hat

Peruvian Hat

It has a design that is comparable to the beanie. It has two ear flaps, tassels that hang on either side of the flap. The flaps are what separates it from the regular beanie. The ear flaps are sewn to create extra warmth. The Peruvian cap has a ball on the top, while decorative weaves are attached to increase its aesthetic value.

  • Bowler Hat

Z-05044 steampunk bowler hat customized

This cap is a fan favorite frequently seen in movie sets around the 1800s and 1900s. It is also called the derby hat. A short brim and round crown characterize it. Overall, the bowler hat is a stiff hat.

  • Newsboy Cap

Newsboy Cap

It is a larger version of the ivy cap. It comes with a button sewn on top, and occasionally, a brim snap is added.

  • Military Hat

The military hat and baseball hat are almost identical. The military hat is also called the Mao or private cap, and it has a 2- or 3-inches brim. The crown is noticeably short, and the top of it is flat. It is a minimalist item worn by either gender as a replacement for the traditional baseball version.

  • Novelty Caps

Novelty Caps

They are simply replicas of other caps, like the policeman or fireman hat. Novelty caps are fun costumes.

  • Tam Hat

Tam Hat

It has seen a drastic increase in its popularity in recent times, and various designs are available. The tam hat is usually seen on men with longer hair, but women have adopted this fashion style. The tam hat is loose fitted. It is like a beanie, but it is worn off the back of the head.

  • Visor Hat

Visor Hat

If you do not know what a visor is, then you are probably living under a rock. Basically, a visor is a crownless hat with a brim in front. You can either purchase a 3/4 brim or full brim visor, with the former worn mostly by women.

  • Cowboy Hat

CP-00853 straw cowboy hats manufacturers

A subtle representation of Western Americans, the cowboy hat is exceptional in its own rights. They are made with felt, straw, or leather. The wider brims of the cowboy hats are either flat or turned upwards.

Cowboy hats come in different shapes, having either a dimple in the middle, a teardrop, or a pinch crown.

In summary, you can easily distinguish between a cowboy hat and another cap because the cowboy hat has an abnormally long crown and a wider brim.

  • Trilby Hat

Trilby Hat

The trilby and fedora have similar shapes. The difference between the two of them is the trilby’s shorter brim. Some people use both terms interchangeably. You can purchase any of them, and they would suit the purpose perfectly.

  • Porkpie Hat

Porkpie Hat

This unique fashion piece is mostly worn by voguish individuals. Since featured in the show Breaking Bad, the porkpie hat’s popularity has gradually soared to the point of no return. The main features include the hat’s oval shape, flat top, and medium brim. There are some with small or stingy brims, and this variation has become a trademark style for hats.

  • Race Hat

Race Hat

Whether you call them race hats or derby hats, you are not wrong. They are usually found during the starting period of horse races. They are linked to the infamous bowler hat. They have ornate designs and are extremely flashy.

  • Steampunk Hats

custom Steampunk Hats wholesale

Steampunk is a thing of fiction centered around early Victorian times. The hat’s origin does not date that far back in time. An exceptional fashion piece that does not conform to any traditional hat style. It recently gained popularity after people like Burning Man started wearing them to festivals. It revolves around the traditional styles, from top hats to bowler hats. They do carry extra aesthetics like brass chains and brass clock wheels.

  • Cloche Hat

Cloche Hat

Women typically wore this hat in the early 1900s. Any of the raw materials listed for making hats are suitable for making the cloche hat. The cloche hat is a bell-shaped cap, spotting a rounded crown. Some varieties carry embellishments and have little flairs at the bottom

  • Panama Hat


This hat did not originally come from Panama. Its roots are tied to Ecuador instead. However, its name came to stay due to the hat’s extensive use of the style when the construction of the Panama Canal was ongoing. Panama hats are not classified by their style, but by the material, the hat is made from. When Panama hats are being discussed, people instinctively think about straw hats with wide brims or fedora like hats. Panama hats have varying shapes, styles, and designs. The main raw materials used in making these hats are the toquila straw. The price of a Panama hat can reach up to tens of thousands of dollars, but it all depends on the fineness of the straw used.

  • Safari Hat

Safari Hat

The safari-style hat has people confusing it for the pith helmet. The distinguishing factors the safari-style possesses are its center dent crown that is medium to high in length, and a downward sloping brim.

  • Beanie

beanie hat

Beanies are wool or cotton-based caps. They are knitted cap, which makes them excellent insulators, providing valuable warmth throughout the cold winter periods. They are stylish enough to go along casual clothing. There are different variations, and each variation has a different name. The stocking cap is a variation that has a longer crown. the longer crown usually drapes sideways or off the top and is more of added style than providing warmth

  • Fez Hat

Fez Hat

It is popular among regular people, and even fashion junkies wear them too, as some sort of rough edge to their attire. Africa is that cap’s place of origin. The hat comes from Morocco but has since taken the world by storm. Its newfound popularity came thanks to the Dr. Who TV show. The cap is cylindrical, with a tassel on top of it. Red is the main color in which the hat comes in.

  • Outback Hat

Outback Hat

This is also known as the Aussie hat. The brim of the outback hat is larger than that of the safari hat. The brim usually starts from 2.5 inches in width. The sides of the brim often spot a slight upturn giving it the outback feeling. The outback or Aussie cap comes with varying crown shapes, but the teardrop crown shape is not rare at all.

  • Fascinator Hat

Fascinator Hat

After the royal wedding, the cap’s popularity began to rise. The comeback was so huge that suppliers found it incredibly difficult to keep up with ceaseless demands. The fascinator hat has one of the best comebacks in hat history. The fascinator is designed like a headband. Best described as a cocktail hat, the fascinator comes equipped with either a simple bow on top or a more ornate pattern. These serve as some form of eccentric aesthetics.

There are basically two variations of the fascinator hat: the headband style or the hairclip style. You can purchase the headband style fascinator hat that works just like a headband, or you can get the one that you can simply attach to your hair with a clip.

  • Fedora Hat

Fedora hat

This is a timeless fashion statement that comes in a wide array of crown designs and brim shapes. The fedora’s fame stems from its astonishing design, aesthetic value, and the numerous celebrities that wear it. The fedora’s style is exceptional in its own rights.

It is designed with either a stingy brim or a medium size brim. The fedora has an upturn in the back, but the front can be made to suit your personal style

  • Homburg Hat

Homburg Hat

The homburg is a rare fashion item. The homburg hat has an oval-shaped look. It also has a brim with curved sides. The homburg hat was a prop in the movie Al Pacino, earning it the nickname of the Godfather hat. Being a rare fashion item, the homburg hat is not commonly seen, so you would have to search a little deeper if you are looking to purchase it.

  • Duckbill Caps

Duckbill Caps

The duckbill cap has a hilarious name, and what is even more surprising is that the hat looks exactly like a duck’s bill. Its design is a combination of the ivy and ascot hat. The top of the hat towards the back is round, and the front of the hat extends into an over-exaggerated curve that slopes down. The downslope links with the upturned bill giving the cap its duckbill like appearance.

  • Lifeguard Cap

lifeguard hats

The larger brim of this hat is unequivocally perfect in creating shade. They are made using straws, either raffia or palm fiber. Apart from the wide brims, they also have a dent in the middle of the crown. The wide brim of the hat is either totally flat or slopes downwards. Best known for their sun protective capabilities, lifeguard hats do not come with UPF protective fabrics.

  • Kettle Brim Hats

Kettle Brim Hats

The kettle brim hat, or up-brim hat, is one that is popular among women. Its look cannot be mistaken. Its simplicity and classic nature cannot be reiterated enough. Any of the listed materials can be used in making it. Overall, it is designed in a circular manner and is completely symmetrical. The brim is either stingy or medium. The cap comes with a round crown with a bow or ribbon attached, and Just like many other hats, it comes with a chinstrap. The brim has an upturn that is between half an inch to one inch.

  • Ivy Cap

Ivy Cap

This hat is occasionally called a flat cap due to its flat-looking nature. The cap is common among voguish individuals and fashion enthusiasts. The cap has a round top that elongates to where it is connected to the bill. Designers actually elongate the bill further to produce a new style. Although any material could be used in making ivy caps, wool, polyester, and cotton are the most used among the materials.

  • Gambler Hat

Gambler Hat

The gambler hat’s crown is oval, and it is either completely round or has a tiny pinch in the middle. The gambler hat has a wide 3-inch brim. The hat looks flat when viewed from the side, but it is not truly flat. The edges of the hat are either turned up slightly or turned up in a Western flair manner.

  • Beret Hat

Beret hat

A beret is a soft, round, flat crown hat sewn with extra fabric around the sides for added size. Stereotypically associated with people of art, berets have roots as militaristic garb. As a matter of fact, a special force division used the word in their name the “Green Berets.” You can wear berets in several different ways. You can either tilt it to the side of the head or wearing it flat across the top of the head. Berets also have what people call a short apple stem sewn on the top.

  • Bucket Hat

wholesale bucket hats

You can make a bucket hat using any of the materials used in hat making. The bucket hat looks like the boonie hat, but it has a stingy downward-sloping brim. The bucket hat is also completely symmetrical, and it comes with metallic eyelets for ventilation.

  • Skimmer Hat

skimmer Hat

This is a fashionable headgear used by a handful of individuals. Made from straw, it is commonly associated with sailing events, barbershop quartets, and men’s official summer attires from the late 1800s to the mid-1900s. The skimmer hat has a small to medium size brim and a short crown that is flat at the top. The hat has a two-tone ribbon around the crown that serves as an added design. As a matter of fact, the hats that the Gondoliers in the canals of Venice wear is strikingly like the skimmer hat. The distinguishing feature between the two hats is that the latter has a thinner and wider brim, and the ribbon extends in two tails off the back.

  • Floppy Hat

Floppy Hat

Floppy hats, also called big brim hats are the new rave for women. This popular headpiece is an excellent pool hat. The name big brim hat is extremely fitting as the brim of the hat can reach up to 10 inches. They usually have round crowns to go along the big brims. Floppy hats come in different colors and are made using paper-braids strong enough to support the big brim’s weight.

  • Baseball Cap

baseball cap

Baseball cap is the most popular headgear in the world. The baseball cap is part of America’s tradition. Its design is simple, it fits perfectly with casual clothing, and it is easily wearable. The baseball cap comes with a short to medium size bill in the cap’s front. It is sewn to 6-quarter panels and a button on top. The cap’s bill is usually curved or flat.

A baseball cap is a super-soft hat that comprises of soft and smooth fabric crown sewn of many sections of clothes and visor. The cap is used in a baseball match and protects the eyes from dangerous rays of fun. There are special types of caps that are manufactured to fit properly on the wearer’s head. Some caps can easily adjustable with the help of a plastic extender present at the center back. These caps can easily make smaller or bigger according to the need of the wearer. The caps come with the fabric-covered button present at the top side of the crown. The logo of the team may also be embroidered on the top front center of the crown. Letters associated with the respective team are also applied to the center in front of the cap.

All team members always wear baseball caps whether they are professional or amateur. These caps help to identify the player in the ground and are important to keep sun rays from the eyes. Various styles of caps are available on the market that is of the modern and old style. Old style caps are popular still among those players who love game tradition. Some caps are tall and boxy crown designs that are striped horizontally while some are conventional soft design crown made from 6-8 triangular shaped fabric section. Most of the cap manufacturer makes baseball made from wool because they make historical usage. While some focus on cotton and cotton-synthetic combinations because they are easily washable.

(Baseball Cap History:

The history of baseball goes back to the 1700s. The game is so-called “Baseball” because both Americans and British knew about this amazing game because of balls and sticks.

The soldier during the American Revolution played a similar game to baseball. This game is known as rounder’s and has the same playing strategies. The game was no popular in New World and Great Britain in the early 1800 century. The runner might consider out when they were hit with the ball physically.

In the 1840s, the amateur teams were established in Easy coast when New Jersey and New York soldiers shared complete understanding about the game during the Civil war. After this, baseball was well formulated as the “National Style”. Baseball was also played after the America civil War.

The uniform of baseball was one of the most important parts of this game after the development of the team after the Civil War. Managers and players need to completely understand that the uniform stands as a sense of pride for the team. We can check the importance of wearing matching uniforms from the photographs of teams from the later 19th century. It is similar to a policeman’s uniform. Police uniforms support the work of policemen and create a sense of pride and a sense of responsibility.

The catalogs of all sports equipment from the year 1880 show that the uniform of baseball consists of a baseball cap, trousers, and shirt.

Over the past 50 years, the baseball caps are one of the favorite caps across the boundaries by people from young to old, at play, or at home. All athletes sport these caps. All politicians love to wear them. These caps come in various colors and pattern combinations. All people wear these caps because it keeps them warm. These caps are made from various fabrics such as denim, snakeskin, cashmere, silk, etc.)

  • Trucker Cap

trucker hat

Baseball caps and trucker caps have a similar design. The difference between the two is that unlike the baseball cap, artisans produce them entirely out of mesh except for the two panels in the front. Trucker caps also come with a snapback adjustment, making it a sort of “one size fits all” cap.

  • Apple Cap

Apple Cap

This is similar to the newsboy cap but larger. It has eight parts sewn together with a button fastened on top of it.

  • Snapback Hat

snapback hat

The snapback hat Is a hat that can basically fit different head sizes. Essentially, it can be labeled as a one size fits all hat.

The term snapback is used to describe when a cap is adjusted using two plastic adjusters at the back of the hat that fit together. The two plastic pieces adjust in varying lengths, making one hat fit different head sizes.

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