Everything You Should Know about Bucket Hats

Everything You Should Know about Bucket Hats

What is bucket hat?

Before starting your hat business, you’d better know every hat type clearly. Here Yao hat manufacturer will introduce the popular headwer type – Bucket Hat

The bucket hat is wider with a downward-sloping brim. It is also called the fishermen hat, the conference hat, or the Irish country hat. Keep in mind that the bucket hat is of high quality and made up of durable cotton fabric, especially canvas or denim.

As there are different techniques to maintain the hat’s ventilation, but in this hat, the ventilation is somewhat different. In this hat, the small metal holes are placed on the top of the head to be properly ventilated.

The bucket hat was in high fashion in 1960, and later on, it took the space of street fashion and catwalks. Nowadays, it is considered to be the popular holiday clothing also known as the conference hat.

Bucket Hat History

Around 1900, the bucket hat or fishing hat was introduced. Normally, this bucket hat is made up of tweed cloth, or wool felt. At that time, it was mostly worn by the Irish farmers and fishermen traditionally.

It gives great protection to the farmers and fishermen from rain. The reason is that there is raw wool or unwashed wool used in the manufacturing of these hats, which makes them naturally waterproof.

These Irish walking hats were then adopted for country pursuits in the interwar years internationally. The reason is that they could fit inside the coat when folded. Most surprisingly, if this hat fell in the mud, it can be easily cleaned with a damp sponge. Moreover, it can also be reshaped by using the steam from a kettle.

The members of the mod subculture also wore the bucket hat in 1960.

If we talk about the modern bucket hat, it is made from a tropical hat made from olive drab cotton. That olive drab cotton was firstly issued to the US army during the Vietnam War. Most amazingly, these bucket hats are very lightweight. They are popular among civilians for sun protection as well as for use in sports such as fishing.

How to make a bucket hat?

  1. First of all, choose the fabric for the manufacturing of the bucket hat. Keep in mind that you will need two different colors. One-color is used on the outside of the hat and one for the inside. You should use Canvas or Denim material on one side and cotton on the other side.
  2. Then cut two circles of eight inches or 20.32 cm. This will be the top of the hat.
  3. Cut four identical pieces in rectangular shape two from each fabric.
  4. After that, pin and sew all the brim pieces together.
  5. To open the body and brim pieces, you should press the seams.
  6. First of all, pin and then sew all the body pieces to the circles.
  7. Then pin the brim and sew it to the body.
  8. Then tuck one hat into the other.
  9. Firstly, pin and then sew around the outer edge of the brim.
  10. To reduce the bulk, cut the notches into the seams.
  11. At the end of the process, turn the hat inside out between the gap.

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