Everything You Should Know about Cowboy Hats

Everything You Should Know about Cowboy Hats

What is Cowboy Hat?

The high-crowned, wide-brimmed hat is called a cowboy hat. It is a wide-brimmed hat, also known as the particular symbol for the North American cowboy. However, nowadays, it is worn by many people.

Many ranch workers in the southern and western United States used to wear this cowboy hat. Also, the people of Western Canada and Northern Mexico wear this Cowboy hat. Moreover, the cowboy hat is also famous for sertanejo music performers and participants in the North American Rodeo circuit.

So mostly, it is a particular sign of old West apparel all around the world.
In the past, people started wearing cowboy hats due to the climate in the Midwest of the United States.

Usually, the Cowboy hats are made up of felt to protect against rain and wind. Most surprisingly, they are accommodating in protecting people’s face from UV light. The hats are our incredible friends when we go out for a journey, such as a trip to a beach or the countryside.

On the other side, Cowboy hats give a new fashionable look to the person. Cowboy hats let a person looks more handsome, and his wild appearance attracts the people towards him with decorative features. These cowboy hats are classy as well as fashionable. At present, the materials used in the manufacturing of these hats are very much changed.

Best Cowboy Hat Materials

1. Fur felt

The fur is the primary material used for the manufacturing of Cowboy hats. Keep in mind that different types are used for its manufacturing, such as beaver, rabbit fur, and milk buffalo. You must keep in mind its specification when you are going to purchase fur felt hats.

The cowboy hats made from these materials are of high quality and contain a higher amount of fur. For example, if your hat is designated as 6 x, then it means it has 60% fur. This is the main reason it is more expensive than 5 x cowboy hats.

2. Straw

Many people prefer straw cowboy hats because they are affordable and cheaper. Although many straw Cowboy hats are inexpensive, their price usually depends on the quality of the straw. High-quality straw hats are relatively expensive.

You can use these hats in the summers when you are going to a party on a beach. If you talk about the specification of these hats, then they have X’s. X means the tightness of the fabric weave as well as the thickness of the straw reeds. If the hat has more X’s, then it means it is a high-quality straw hat.

3. Wool

Cowboy manufacturers also use wool material to make wool Cowboy hats, but they are not as durable as the fur. Keep in mind that you cannot change the shape of the Bull cowboy hat.

On the other side, you can fold it and crush it easily. So it is easy for you to pack in your backpack for storage. They are the best choice in the winters as well as if you travel regularly, you can quickly put them in your bag.

4. Suede and leather

These are modern materials, and nowadays, people prefer to wear Cowboy hats made of suede and leather. Although leather Cowboy hats are waterproof and durable, they are boiling in the summer.

On the other side, Suede hats are very stylish and unique also. People may get better color options when they are going for suede and leather cowboy hats.

Cowboy Hat Types

  • Straw Cowboy hats

Straw hats have an older origin, and they were made thousands of years ago. Making the cap with the help of lightweight stroller like material is a culture in every society. Just like other societies in the wild west, using cowboy hats was the tradition.

Some straw hats are casual, and it is an excellent accessory to wear in the summer season. Some straw cowboy hats are tightly woven with beautiful and innovative designs. They are also sealed at the top to give protection to the weird and retain its shape.

  • Felt cowboy hats

Felt hats are usually made for different types of purposes than straw hats. If you wear felt hats in the daytime, then it will prevent you from the sun rays. Most surprisingly, when you wear it at night, then it will keep you warm.

Moreover, you will be surprised to hear that a felt hat can hold the water for the thirsty horse. Furthermore, the hat is also used to fan a campfire flame. Indeed, hats will protect you from moisture and cold.

  • The Montana crease

When we look back to the old regions of the world, then Montana is one of them. Montana crease originated from Montana. The people in that area start using this particular hat. This is the main reason Montana creases get its name. Keep in mind that gus is another name for Montana crease.

When you feel colder outside, you can use this particular hat because it keeps the warm air inside. It is a high crown which is useful in terms of circulating warm air.

  • The cattleman crease

Nowadays, cattleman crease is the most famous cowboy hat. The cattleman crease is increasingly worn by the cattlemen who have a lot of money and high social status.

You can find three variations in the particular hat: the low cattleman crease, the wide one, and the normal one. So the people who have a broad and square face can use the cattleman crease.

  • The pinch front crease

Women over men mostly prefer the pinch front crease. When you wear this, it helps make your jawline look narrower, and the face looks thinner. Women who have a wider face can use his cowboy hat.

Not only the women man also use this particular hat. So not only the man but also the woman enjoying the cowboy hats from these creases.

  • The telescope crease

The shape of the telescope crease is flat and round. Most surprising, leave it is considered the most functional trees as it will allow the brain to cover most of your face. Besides, it has a low crown, which prevents the shorthair from growing inside.

But on the other side, it will give you excellent air ventilation to keep your head cool all day. Mexican cowboys usually bought this telescope decrease when they came to Nevada. However, this style is so much popular and known as the gambler’s hat.

  • The tom mix

In many cowboy movies, tom mix is the popular actor where is shows his style and originality by using this style of hat. The good thing about this had is that when he started using the particular had in his movies, people call this hat with his name.

The telescope grease is the modified version of the Montana crease. Many people heard about the famous 10-gallon hat. This term is used to refer to the particular style of the hat.

Keep in mind that all the five cowboy hat types I discussed above are the most popular and traditional cowboy hats. Most surprisingly, it depends on the type of crown designs made and created more and more all time. On the other side, you can also find different brown styles, including quarterhorse, stockman, and 007 Minnick.

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