Everything You Should Know about Straw Hats

Everything You Should Know about Straw Hats

What is Straw Hat?

CP-01641 Hawaii straw fedora hat with leis

We all know very well that straw hats are derived from different plants or synthetic. So a straw hat is a brimmed hat made up of straw-like materials. Usually, people use straw hats to keep themselves protected from sun or rain. Also, some people put the cloth on the cap to prevent dust while resting.

Keep in mind that straw hats are available in different styles, and both men and women wear them. These hats are usually popular in Asia and Europe and are widely worn by many people. People from Asia and Europe use straw hat to look more stylish and get sun protection.

Usually, people like straw hats because they are very light in weight. These hats are woven, which means that there are small openings in their spaces for adequate ventilation and cooling. So they are the best choice when you are using them in the hot season or on a sunny day.

Straw Hat types

  • Boater hat

The straw hat, which has a flat top and brim, is called a boater hat. Usually, men wear this boater hat for much of history traditionally. They use this hat for warm weather.

In the past, an official day was celebrated where men would switch from their winter hats to the summer boater hats. This day was celebrated traditionally on the second Saturday of May. And actually, this day was celebrated as “straw hat day.”

The voter hat is made from a stiff straw, and it gives you an amazing and unique look. You will get a distant look because of the flat crown and brim, which is stiff. You will be amazed to know that nowadays, in many boys’ schools in the UK, Australia as well as in South Africa, the boater style hats are part of the uniform. Madam Coco Channel’s fashionable icon maintains its iconic style by wearing a boater hat. On the other side, this hat is also famous among travel and fashion bloggers’ wardrobe.

You can find boater style hats on many travel pages on Instagram, especially those traveling throughout Europe. The gondolas wore the particular hat officially and showed their iconic style. Although boater style hat is a great unisex option and becomes a fashionable sign, it is not a good option as a sun-protective choice.

  • Buntal hat

Buntal hat is made from buntal fiber and is considered a semi-formal and traditional hat from the Philippines.

  • Conical Hat

In Southeast Asia, the conical hat is a unique hat worn by the farmers.

  • Panama hat

Panama is an expensive and durable hat made in Ecuador. These hats are very easy to wear and have great breathability. These hats are made from Toquilla straw, whose color is light. Most surprisingly, it is popularly worn by men with a light silk or linen suit.

If the weave of the straw hats is tighter, then it is more durable, and ultimately its price is greater. Panama hats are very popular with Tourists and vacationers as they give you fashionable style and sun protection.

Most surprisingly, Panama hats get popular after the images of former President Roosevelt. In 1906,  the president wore different types of Panama hats while visiting the Panama Canal. In these images, the president looked like a confident and stylish man. So not only the men but women also start wearing Panama hats. Many celebrities wear Panama hats, such as Amal Clooney and Khloe Kardashian, to show their fashionable and classy look.

  • Salakot

It is also a traditional hat and is famous for its conical and pointed shape. A person named Rattan from Philippine-made this salakot hat. The materials from which salakot hat is made are tortoiseshell, gourds, or other fiber and weaving materials.

  • Dome hat

The dome hat is rounded at the top, and this is the unique feature of this hat. Moreover, the hat has no edges or corners and is very flexible.

  • Flat straw hat

A flat straw hat is similar to a rounded straw hat, but it has a flat top and angular. The main difference is that it has a very low height. Different styles are made at the outline, and some have ribbons also to hold the hat.

  • Empty straw hat

The empty straw hat is the stylish hat in which the top is removed. However, in another empty straw hat, the dome is removed, and the brime is left. In both styles, the top of the hat is not covered, due to which its name is an empty straw hat.

  • Fedora straw hat

Many people think that fedora hats and Panama hats are the same. Now the question is, if they are not spinning, what is the difference between them? In some cases, Panama hats and fedora hats look the same. But in other cases, the material is different.

Panama hats have toquilla straw, although they have the same shape as a fedora. So keep in mind that Panama hats are made from straw, whereas fedora can be made with other materials such as felt.

Fedora hats are a good option for sun protection as well as they are stylish ones. On the other side, some Panama hats have a boater shape. Indeed many tourists prefer fedora hats because they are lightweight and give you great sun protection.

  • Floppy beach straw hat

Floppy straw hat is a hat worn by women, and also they are very popular among them. They have broad brims and give you great sun protection. The brims of these hats are 10” wide, which gives sun protection even to the shoulders. Mostly, they come in different price points.

Keep in mind the UPF factor as well as the tightness of the weave while purchasing.  We all know very well we have a chance of getting Sunburn while going to the beach. So wearing these types of hats is just a blessing for us to prevent our skin from sunburns.

  • The lifeguard straw hat

The lifeguard straw hat is very famous in California and comes with a unique high Crown with an adjustable chin strap. Usually, these hats are made with thick straw, and the weaves are loose.

Although they are very stylish, they are not a good choice if you are considering sun protection. But still, these are the best and give you protection.

  • Cowboy straw hats

The western straw hat is a great way to combine fashion with functionality.

  • Golf straw sun hats

Straw can be delicate and a golf straw hat can give great breathability, keeping the user’s head cool while out on the golf course or while at the local farmers market!

Common Straw Hat Materials

  • Water plants

In water plants, the straw is usually derived from Tuscan, leghorn, Milan straw.

  • Mat grass

Mat grass usually grows slowly, and it is a perennial branch grass. Its tufts have a height of 3 feet or more. The leaves of this grass are grass-like and up to 1 by 4 inches wide.

But these leaves look narrower because blades are tightly folded along the midrib. The blades are widely spread near to the right angle to the stem. Most surprisingly, the ligule of the mat grass is smaller. However, there are no auricles.

  • Wheat straw

We all are familiar with the wheat straw as it is the stock left when the wheat grains are harvested. Keep in mind that this wheat straw is treated as a waste. Unfortunately, many farmers burn this wheat straw and thus cause air pollution. This is a severe health hazard contributing to the formation of smog. You should be aware that even this wheat straw has some value and can be used to form cowboy hats.

  • Bamboo strips

The strips of the bamboo are longer with a particular size. Moreover, it has a rectangular cross-section when the bamboo tube is opened.

  • Brown rope

The rope which is made up of a brown hole

  • Thatch

Along the grass plant base, a layer of organic matter is made, which is called thatch. This material is also used in the formation of cowboy hats.

  • Reed

The grass-like plants of wetlands are very tall and are called a reed.

  • Rye straw

This material is used for the traditional bryl straw hats. They are mostly very popular among the peasants of Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, and South Western.

  • Toquilla Straw

Toquilla straw is flexible and high-quality fiber. This straw got the popularity of making Panama hats.

  • Buntal/ Parabuntal straw

We get this type of straw from the opened Palm leaves or stems of the Buri’s palm.

  • Baku straw

We usually get Baku straw from new stocks of the talipot palm from Ceylon and

Shantung straw

In history, shantung straw was made from the buntal, but now it is made up of high-quality paper rolled to look like a straw.

  • Toyo straw

Washi coated with cellophane

  • Bangora Straw

We get Bangora straw from the lower grade of washi.

  • Paper braids

Paper braids are manufactured from different strains of paper from viscose from different plants ( Silk paper, rice paper) ( Swiss Paglinastraw)

  • Visca Straw

Manufacturers use visca straw for the making of women’s hats. It is an artificial straw we get by spinning viscose in a flat filament. This filament is used in the knitted, woven, and braided form.

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