How to Find a Hat Manufacturer?

How to Find a Hat Manufacturer?

Now,because hats business can bring the large profits to the people which wholesale the hates,how to find a right hat manufacturer is more and more important .

As one of the most important costumes in our daily life, hats play an important role in head protection.

The head is very, very important in the parts of the human body. Medical research has found that people who do not wear a hat at rest, when the ambient temperature is 15°C, the heat lost from the head accounts for 30% of the total body heat, and 60% of the total heat at 4°C. If the head catches the cold, it will cause the cerebral blood vessels to constrict, and lightly feel dizzy, headache, or cause scalp nutrient circulation disorders and hair follicle metabolic dysfunction, resulting in unbalanced hair nutrition or unnatural hair loss. It can be seen that in the cold winter, the head, like other parts of the human body, needs to be kept warm and cold.

At the same time, there is a lot of sand and dust in winter, especially in the era of more and more serious pollution. When the hair is blown into a mess, the microbes and dust in the hair on the top of the head are like gravel on sandpaper. Your scalp is raging, and you increase the friction between the comb and the hair and hairline when you comb and move daily. Those microorganisms that are invisible to the naked eye may cause bacteria to grow on your scalp, and even cause hair follicle infection, which directly affects the living environment and growth quality of hair. At this time, wearing a comfortable and fashionable hat means wearing a beautiful and protective coat for the hair, which effectively blocks the invasion of dust and microorganisms.

So a good hat can not only make your appearance look good, but also protect your health. However, in addition to the various styles of hats on the market, the quality is also good or bad. For those wholesalers of hats, especially those who custom-made hats for the first time, they are not very clear about the processing flow, technology and matters needing attention of the hats. In this way, they are easily affected by the low prices of some manufacturers. If they are misled to wholesale a large number of bad-quality hats, if the quality of the hats they buy is problematic and the style is too old, the sales will definitely not be good, and naturally no profit will be made.

So today this article will guide you

How to choose a reliable hat manufacturer?

  • Factory structure

As a top hat manufacturer in the industry, first we must have a complete factory structure, such as

(1) Production Department: Responsible for the entire production process of hats. As one of the most core departments in the factory, the production department directly determines whether the entire production process of the factory can proceed smoothly. Including the systematization of assembly line production, the mobilization of production workers, production efficiency, production order in the production process, safe production environment and so on.

(2) Design Department: Responsible for the design of hat styles. As a decorative garment, the style of the hat is definitely one of the most important factors to attract customers. A good hat manufacturer usually has its own dedicated design department and senior product designers, and the products designed are also It must conform to the most popular trend in appearance, and at the same time, it can also meet people’s daily needs in terms of functionality.

(3) Quality Department: Responsible for quality inspection before product shipment. What customers care most about is the quality of the product. After all, the hats they need must meet a certain level of quality. The role of the quality department is to ensure that each batch of hats is delivered to customers without any problems.


  1. The capacity of the factory

In the production stage of the product, whether the supplier selected by the customer has the manufacturing speed and ability to respond to the fast-placed order is very important, and each supplier has its own set of standards and business practices to follow, which may affect whether it is The right choice for customers.

For example, each manufacturer may develop its own standards for minimum order quantities. Even if there is only one supplier, the minimum order quantity will vary from product to product. If the customer only needs a relatively small order, some suppliers with higher minimum order standards can be eliminated. On the other hand, due to the supplier’s production capacity, some suppliers may limit their maximum order quantity. Of course, customers also want to know the manufacturer’s production price and turnaround time. The delivery time required by each manufacturer may vary according to product type and order size.

A good hat manufacturer must have multiple production lines in order to guarantee customers’ mass ordering needs. When a customer’s MOQ is very high, the production capacity of some small hat manufacturers may be far from being able to meet the customer’s needs. This will prevent the manufacturer from delivering on time to the customer, leading to breaches of contract. And a manufacturer with  production capacity can satisfy customers no matter how large the customer’s order is. At the same time, the types of production will be more diverse than those of ordinary manufacturers. For example, customers need cowboy  hats, baseball  hats, punk style hats, pirate  hats and other hats to buy in large quantities. Good hat manufacturers can do it. The diversification of production types also greatly improves the manufacturer’s own risk resistance capabilities.


  1. Excellent printing and embroidery technology

We all know that with the increasing speed of modern fashion updates, traditional patterns may have difficulty attracting large-volume buyers. Wholesalers have higher and higher requirements for factory printing. Therefore, those relatively outdated designs and the printing quality that is easy to fade are far from being adapted to the current society. A good hat manufacturer must have advanced printing and embroidery techniques, so that its products can stand the test of time.


  1. Intimate after-sales service

With the rise of various types of e-commerce, customers have higher and higher requirements for after-sales customers of physical factories. Imagine if there are problems with the size, quality, logistics and other aspects of the hat you bought, you will definitely want to find the online customer service at any time to communicate exchange and refund related matters. In addition to the early sales work of a good hat manufacturer, the later after-sales guarantee is definitely impeccable. 24-hour online customers can help customers solve problems anytime, anywhere. And once a customer wants to return or refund, a good service attitude may help dispel the customer’s idea.


  1. Convenient logistics guarantee

Many people may have encountered this situation, that is, when a batch of goods is urgently needed, the goods cannot be delivered because of logistics problems. At this time, they are often faced with issues such as liquidated damages and detention costs. Therefore, a fast and convenient logistics will greatly enhance customer experience. The diversity of logistics is also very important. For example, some hat factories can only be shipped to a few specific countries or can only be shipped by land, while some hat factories can be shipped to any region in the world, and can be shipped by sea, Various forms such as land transportation and air transportation. Believe me, giving customers more choices will result in more orders.

The five factors summarized above are to show you how to choose the right hat manufactur for your reference when ordering hats in bulk.

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