HeadWear Manufacturing Process

HeadWear Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process of headwear has various processes that may range from dye-cutting-complex-sewn-assemblage, etc. In this article, we will explain the headwear manufacturing process in detail.

1. Choice of Fabric

The clothes that are used in manufacturing various headwear are of the best quality e.g. wool, leather, denim, pure cotton, acrylic, canvas, and polyester. The organized method of two or more combinations can also be used in this process. To avert the color bleeding, you need to dye the clothes efficiently.

headwear materials

2. Cutting of Fabric

The superior cloths are fully positioned in proper layers and markers on the surface of the cloth. Each cap panel will pile up fabric accordingly.

headwear fabric cutting

3. Decoration of headwear

Decoration of caps and hats in the form of printing and embroidery should take place before the full construction of the hat. The New Tajima embroidery machine is used for embroidery. Silkscreen printing works perfectly for printing by using imported inks. Badges are manufactured by using “Taiwanese equipment and technology”.

Hats Embroidery decoration

4. Assemblage

The decorated panels will soon be passed to the sewing lines to stitches the panels. Here hats are assemblage with sewn-on labels, top button, sweatband, and strap. Various closing varieties that you can choose from metal buckles, zippers, plastic snaps, and velcro.
headwear Assembling

5. Monitoring of hat quality 

After the completion of the stitching work, the hats and caps further proceeded to the final stage. In this stage unconstrained thread ends. Other wirings are easily snipped off and all of the headpieces are reformed. The hats will again be shaped by utilized hot mold. Here final goods are checked are studied carefully before shipping and packing.

hot mould hat headwear

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