Bulk Snapback Hats Wholesale

If you want to wholesale snapback hats to promote your business, the first step is to choose a good snapback hat manufacturer! Yaohat is a reliable snapback hat supplier that can provide a fully custom snapback hat production service.

  • Min Order Quantity: 800 PCS
  • Custom Snapback Hat Options: Custom logo, private label, customized design, size, material, color, packaging method, custom embroidery pattern, etc.
  • Available snapback cap styles: blank snapback hats wholesale, custom embroidered caps, vintage snapbacks wholesale, youth/infant snapback hats wholesale, etc.

Want to wholesale snapback hats in bulk? Do you really know what is snapback hat? Let YaoHat snapback hat manufacturer tell you now!

There are many types of baseball caps. If we talk about snapback hats, then it is the type of baseball caps. It has adjustable straps in the back that Snap together. The snapback hat is also called a flat-brimmed hat and was invented in the early days of baseball. 

On the other side, Snapback hats are wide and have a flat brim, they are different from dad hat style because it has a round, pre-shaped brim.

If you want to know how snapback hats are made, then YaoHat snapback hat manufacturer will let you know all that:

Step 1:

First of all, take a fabric made up of cotton or wool. You can also take a cotton synthetic fiber mixture. Cut it off but keep in mind that you are taking the quantity of fabric depending on the wholesale snapback hat customers as we all know that this hat is made up of many layers of fabric depending on the needs.

So stack all the layers and cut them off with the help of a high-quality fabric cutting saw. With this saw, you will get an excellent finish.

Step 2

The hat usually needs two front panels on the back of the mesh inner lining. The inner layer of the grid makes a surface and is used as reinforcing ribs in the panel. With these inner layers, it is easy to make embroidering logos. It would help if you placed the inner net back on the front panel again before sewing the front panels to each other.

Step 3

Now it’s time to send every part of the soft crown to the eyelet department. There is a long triangular hole located in the soft crown. The machine then starts and makes a small hole by penetrating each front panel. This hole is then wholly tied with the thread.

There are also small perforations in each part of the crown. These perforations can be changed according to the manufacturing needs. However, if we talk about the perforations range, it can range from at least 1 to 40 or 50 in total.

These perforations’ primary purpose is that they are used as ventilation holes to discharge the heat and sweat produced under the cap.

Step 4:

On the two front panels, there is a beautiful embroidery. To make that embroidery, it is sent to the embroidery department. In that department, a computer-driven machine embroiders the entire word or logo on the front panel.

According to the members of the factory, the logo is perfect, complex, and precise. Many companies also apply different badges and letters to the front panel.

Step 5:

In step 5, we will send 6 to 8 panels of the crown to the sewing department. All these panels are sewn together in this sewing department. Keep in mind that sewing wool panels with logos are different.

It gives a hardened feel and maybe heavier, so it is better to sew the wool material with manual sewing. The soft crown is made when 6 to 8 panels are fully stitched. 

Step 6

Next comes the binding department, which is run by a binding machine. The binding tape covers the seam of the soft crown in the binding department. This binding tape is pasted on the edge of the original crown. Most surprisingly, it will give the perfect appearance for the basketball cap. Along with Basketball appearance, it will also give a finished look to the cap.

Step 7

In step 7, there is a coverage of the galvanized steel buttons in the same color. These buttons are applied in the center of the cap on the top surface of the beanie crown. The center position is the position where all caps converge.

Step 8

Then according to the size, you need to die-cut the sun visor of the cap. After that, sew the sun visor onto the hat. Many companies use sun visors in the center and make it as hard as plastic.

However, on the other side, many people place the stiffener inside and then stitch the sun visor many times. The placement of stiffener will give more strength to the hat. You can also place the stiffener from moving further and bunching at one point by using this method. Then match the color of the sun visor with the hat and sew.

Many golfers roll their goggles to place them safely on the hat and fly balls easily. Keep in mind that a rolling Sun visor easily blocks the light from the player’s eyes while playing. The manufacturers also use different types of materials in the sun visor for testing. The use of different types of materials is to obtain better telescope effects.