Top Hat Manufacturer Reviews and Products

Top Hat Manufacturer Reviews and Products

This article will introduce you to the top hat manufacturers around the world, and how to find a reliable hat manufacturer, and will also answer some of your questions about the hat wholesale business.

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Why more and more people start hats business?

Why wholesale hats?

There is no doubt that hats are considered to be one of the most popular fashion accessories today, which can make daily monotonous dressing more fashionable. According to authoritative data, the market revenue of hats reached US$27.2 billion in 2019, and the compound annual growth rate from 2019 to 2023 is estimated to be as high as 5.7%. In addition, by 2023, the expected number of hats will exceed 5.5 billion pieces. These data show that the market for hat manufacturers is huge.

At the same time, for various reasons, hats are a particularly versatile product. Whether for safety professional purposes, as a fashion accessory, or for ritual or religious reasons, a hat can be worn on the head to protect people in extreme weather conditions. To

In addition, people buying hats will not be too restricted by the season. In the summer, buying a hat can protect users from the sun’s rays and make the body feel cool. In winter, wearing a hat can keep the body heat in winter while protecting the head from the cold wind.

Similar to other fashion clothing accessories, hat manufacturers can also customize a variety of styles for people to choose according to the requirements of wholesalers. They can be based on styles (such as apple, baseball, trucker, back, fit, beanie, etc.) ), crown shape (teardrop, center dent, diamond, oval or flat), or material (cotton, wool felt) to choose a hat, straw) and so on to customize different hats. . To

Through this wide range of customized products, business opportunities for sales and earning more revenue are increased. Today, I will highlight 5 famous hat manufacturers to meet your wholesale purchase requirements.

1. Megarment

As a long-standing factory for hat customization and baseball cap manufacturers, the Megament factory covers an area of ​​​​1,000 square meters and has 90 professional skilled workers. It also has a number of professional products including workshops, sewing rooms, hat embroidery rooms, warehouses, and inspection rooms. workshop.

In addition to the advanced production workshop, as a qualified hat manufacturer, it is the most basic requirement to customize the entire hat, such as the color, size, and brand logo required by the customer. Even the most common baseball caps can be customized. After the samples of customized products are produced, the samples must be checked first, and then the final mass production will be carried out. This will make the hats produced by double inspection and double insurance!

Megarment’s main products include men’s summer hats, wool beanies, baseball hats, fisherman hats, etc. These products are very popular in the UK and many other European countries.

In order to become the best hat manufacturer, Mega, as a large-scale hat manufacturer, has strong sales capabilities. It has its own experienced sales and marketing teams in Wenzhou and Hangzhou to help people all over the world. Customers, always welcome dealers to visit.

In addition to hats, if customers are interested in other clothing accessories, such as men’s belts, fashion scarves, winter gloves, canvas shoes, etc., Megarment can also meet the needs of customers who want the above products.

2. Yaohat

Yaohat has been acting as a hat manufacturer since 1996, specializing in the production and export of all kinds of hats. Since 2003, the brand Yaohat has been in use for 17 years, and it can be said that it has a long history among hat manufacturers.

In addition to having a long-established brand, high-quality service is also a highlight of Yaohat. As a professional hat manufacturer, Yaohat can produce hats as samples for the dealer who ordered for the first time and can provide 50 customized orders for customers at the beginning Take a look at the quality of the product, and in order to save customers’ time and cost, these customized orders can be completed within half a month.

In order to ensure that all hat wholesalers can provide sufficient styles and sufficient quantities of products, Yaohat has more than 100 different suppliers throughout China, of which more than 10 have been audited by BSCI and Walmart, in order to provide customers with more select. Cartoon hats, baseball hats, punk hats, cowboy hats, and many other types of products, these Yaohats can be produced in the first time and delivered to customers quickly.

3. Times

Times hat manufacturer was established in 2010. It is composed of several enthusiastic and young professional hat experts. They have at least 10 years of experience in the hat industry. Times’ senior management personnel are experts in their respective design, sales, production, and sales fields. In addition, the Times has an innovative and efficient team. With high-quality services, high-quality products, and reasonable prices, Times has grown rapidly with respected customers around the world for many years. Times’ products also have many highlights. For example, hats with 3D embroidery and applique rhinestones, rivets, etc. can be manufactured in large quantities. These styles are not available to all hat suppliers in the market.

4. Lida

Lida Textile is a mature Chinese hat manufacturer. “Quality, on-time delivery and value for money” are the motto of Lida. As a famous hat manufacturer, Lida has in-house designers, digital professionals, advanced embroidery machines, and advanced production lines. High standards of customer service can ensure the mass production of goods on time and according to specifications. In addition, Lida regularly updates information technology to maximize operational efficiency. Make full use of e-commerce in your business to improve communication with customers and suppliers. Our product range includes golf caps, baseball caps, from basic styles to performance-specific styles that can be produced. Lida is extremely competitive in the market in terms of quality, price, and after-sales service.

5. New York hat

The American-made hat brand “New York Hat” was founded in 1982 by Arnold Ackerman and his wife Barbara.

Founder Arnold Ackerman (Arnold Ackerman) has been working in his father’s hat factory since he was a child. Therefore, he has more innate advantages than ordinary hat manufacturers in terms of understanding and experience of hats, so he became The biggest winner among New York hat manufacturers in 1970.

A variety of products and reasonable prices have always been New York’s advantages. You can find baseball caps, casual caps, worker caps, peaked caps, and other styles of hats in this brand. At the same time, in terms of price, if you order a very large amount, you will definitely get a cheap price that is unmatched in the market…

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